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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4: Riviera love

Hey, what have you been up to cat? Specifically the Car Modeling Cat (CMC), that is. Of course, you can tell by this pic, that it's that time again. Time to share with my readers the latest exploits of the CMC and her helper, me (or is it the other way around?). Skeptics will accuse me of setting up these frequent pics of my helper, but they aren't there to see the efforts she puts into each and every build. Some furballs are just more talented than others and the CMC is a case in point.

Enough said. Let's move on.........

I always liked the Buick Riviera (to a point), Competition for the Ford Thunderbird, but in a more sporty vein. Ok, so it's a big luxo yacht, but in the spirit of the times, it was a sporty, luxury mobile. The CMC and I have just completed a 1969 Riv model. Tough subject as it had a ton of chrome trim, which had to be very painstakingly applied. I use a very thin chrome foil and then carefully, oh so carefully trim it to fit. Maddening sometimes, but the end result is the reward.

Back in university, one of the professors drove a new '69 Riviera. This was in a small New Brunswick city (Fredericton), which had few expensive cars of this ilk, so Prof McNutt's car really stood out. Besides, weren't teachers supposed to drive practical, boring machines? Well, in my town, most did.

Not as smooth as the very attractive '66/'67 models, the '69 has grown on me over the years and I quite like it, when I look at our finished model. This was a tough build, though, since the first dark red paint job had to be removed, as it started to chip when I applied the chrome. Talk about maddening, the CMC almost coughed up a hairball.

Can't you almost hear that 430 cubic inch - 7 litre - motor purring away, as it quietly guzzled premium fuel to the tune of about 15-18 miles per gallon (you can work out the metric equivalent)? The good ol' days, or at least the days of cheap gas.

Another model built and a short history lesson. What's next? Stay tuned, please, as always.

Until next time.......

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