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Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6: Going forward by looking back

 Ok, so what the heck does that blog title mean? Of course, all of you muscle car fans will instantly recognize this as a 1969 Camaro ZL1, the rarest of all Camaro's, with only 69 leaving the factory and a few subsequently sitting unsold on the dealers' lots for up to three years. This special order car came with an aluminum 427, originally destined for Can-Am racing. Priced at roughly double the cost of a regular Camaro and barely driveable on the street, it was a quarter miler's dream car (if they could afford it). This was the stuff of legends and at current collector car auctions, these cars have touched half a million in today's dollars. Nice appreciation, but who knew?

So from the past to the present day..........

 ......the current day ZL1 has much more power than the original, but has the added bonus of being able to turn corners at speed. Not quite as good as today's Z28, but still impressive. You know of course, that the intrepid modeller and his assistant, the Car Modelling Cat, have been at it again and this is the result of their handy work. Although an easy model to put together, the fussy detail paintwork was a pain, so that's why you won't see many clear close ups in this blog.

Sharp eyes will notice the Michigan plates on our model, so it only makes sense that the police car pulling it over be a Michigan State Police cruiser. Don't we strive for accuracy in our back yard pics?

The CMC diligently working on our modern day ZL1
 Strange that of the nine Camaro models that we've built over the years, I would only classify three as really good ones, that we'd be proud to show. What is it about Camaro's that seem to defy our car modelling skills? Even the adorable little CMC doesn't have an answer.

So, going forward by looking back. Maybe we should use the same mantra in building our next Camaro model?

Until next time......

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