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Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9: What's a rocker drive?

Sure, we've all heard the question, "What would Jesus drive?", but you know he doesn't exist, or I should say, doesn't exist in flesh and blood and driving around in a flash car (did I get out of that comment ok?). Funny, though that people always put Him in an earth friendly car, but how do we know he wouldn't drive around in a R-R Phantom limo? A question for the ages, obviously. But let's take a look at those other "gods", those guitar god rockers, who have money to burn, or at least spend on some very nice ride(s).

We could talk about Rihanna and her Lamborghini, but which one? The one with blood stains from where her boyfriend beat her? I think not, so let's move on........

Now this is more like it, Steven Tyler lounging against his nicely personalized Challenger. From the background, you can see he is at some sort of cruise, so it goes without saying that Steven is definitely a car guy. And not just with American iron.......

Here he is with his new Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. This is a Lotus based super car with 1244 HP!! Walk this way? Dam right!

Another true car guy is Brian Johnson of AC/DC. A decent racer in his own right, Brian likes to cruise his hood in something a little less frantic than his track day racer.......

Nothing wrong with the lap of luxury, when you are not hot lapping, is there? And besides, when you have all those millions to spend, what better way is there to spend them, than on road going trinkets?

It seems like the older rockers have more of an appreciation for cars than the younger ones, but maybe that's just my own bias and lack of knowledge. Take for example this very cool customized Chrysler 300 cabrio belonging to Alice Cooper. This is just one of Alice's neat rides and you always see him hanging around the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction, selling or buying. Another true car guy (and avid golfer).

But the ultimate car guy in my opinion is the super rocker, Eric Clapton. Why? Well, not only does Clapton collect Ferrari's, but he has enough of a standing with the factory, that he commissioned them to do a one off for him......

Like a true car guy, here he is sizing up his beautiful new ride, like we all do when we get our new wheels. Just sit there and take it all in, appreciating a true thing of beauty. Or meeting with the designers to select exactly the right shade of leather for the new ride.

Ah, the good life and as I've quoted in another blog recently (courtesy of Dire Straits), "money for nothing and chicks for free". And speaking of Mark Knopfler, here is his famous old Austin-Healey 100S, just before he heads out on the track........

So, what does a rocker drive? Anything they darn well want to!

Until next time............

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