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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan 13: Detroit surprise?

I'm feeling pumped about myself right now. Why you might ask? Very simply, this morning at the North American Auto Show (ie Detroit), Buck announced the 2016 Cascada cabrio (remember when they were called convertibles?), all set to arrive on our shores in early 2016. So why so proud? Back in November, 2013, I blogged about GM's European Opel line and noted that they had a sweet model called the Cascada, a drop top with more than a passing resemblance to the BMW 6 series (not a bad thing)


So why not bring it to our shores, after all, Buick has been selling Opels over here for years (like the Regal/Opel Insignia), so why not the Cascada? So with Buick finally getting the news (almost a year and a half after my suggestion), it will be coming here. Thank you, Barry.

Remember those other big bruisers from back in the day? BIG rides like this '63 Electra..........

Well for several years now, Buick has been tossing flag ship models onto the auto show circuit to see if anything would stick. Yesterday's announcement of the Avenir - French for future - is their latest effort. And what an effort. Almost looks ready to go down the production line.

Size is probably like an Impala, but if the car/photographer in the mock up shot is accurate, then it is about the size of a Yaris. Let's just assume the Impala comparison is correct. And that interior. Picture getting out of the back seat, while parked in front of the Forbidden City (see below). Eat your heart out Mercedes.

But why a flagship? Haven't read my blogs about the Chinese market then. Buick sells about 1.17 million cars worldwide, 920,000 of them go to China. That is why they need a flagship, folks.

Design is subjective, but to me, there is not a bad line on the Avenir.

So is it ready for primetime, somewhere in the world? Good question. I was right about the Cascada, so am I ready to put money on this one? I'll give a qualified "yes" and that is based on a weak point. That point is that, this car is so well finished and contemporary, instead of futuristic, it looks like production is firmly in mind for its future, depending of course, on the auto circuit reaction.

Any thoughts?

Until next time......

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  1. I've heard that the Chinese love for Buick is one of the reasons GM killed Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Personally I (and many others) didn't agree with it because I hated the politics that went with it. This car looks good and I think it's got a future over here. But I sure hope that it's built here or in Europe; I'm not at all interested if it gets set up in the Big C...