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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan 27: Save $ - buy a supercar

 Go ahead, pick any one of the supercars in this picture and try to save some hard earned bucks. Pick that Ferrari, the Lambo or the Porsche and try to fit that particular model in under $200 large. Tough to do, actually impossible, unless you find a car loving philanthropist, who'll take pity on you. So, smart guy blogger, how do you buy a new supercar for under $200k?

Simple answer, get a new Corvette Z06.........

The, hot off the assembly for 2015, Z06 model is by the reviews of all the major car buff books, one wild ride, yet tractable enough to handle your daily commute. Every review lauds this new Vette's power, handling and all around capability, which definitely land this ride in the supercar territory at Chevy prices.

"Z06"? Where did that name come from? Sure, it is the continuation of the past generation's performance model, but before that? Another history lesson upcoming........

Let's go way back to 1963, when the hot looking and totally new for 1963 Corvette had just been introduced. Chevrolet was working hard to develop the Stingray's competition cred, so they introduced a track package, which was designated "Z06" on the order form.

 This option included suspension upgrades that, would let this Vette compete with the toughest competition. Also included was a much larger fuel tank, so fewer stops would be needed during the longer races. Corvettes with this rare option, were called "tankers". Rare, because it was only offered at the beginning of production and later dropped. A basic Stingray back then was about $4200 US, the Z06 option added a hefty $1800 to the price, but to get this option, one also had to add other mandatory options (like fuel injection) totalling about $700. So all in all, this track pack made for one pricey, but very well equipped race car.

Flash forward to the early 2000's and Chevy added a high performance Z06 model to their range.......

Only available on the lighter weight non fastback model, at the time this was one impressive machine. Nowadays, the base Corvette is just as good as the Z06 was back then. I worked out with an avid Porschephile, who had had a string of Boxsters and 911's, then one day, he shows up at the gym in a new Z06. What gives, I asked? For the $, he told me, his Z06 would out perform any Porsche model and at a fraction of a 911's price. Now, there was one open minded guy.

So, flash forward once more to the current generation of Stingray and the new for 2015 Z06 model. Hugely powerful and extremely track capable. A few years back, I'd been driven around a track by a professional driver in his Corvette and I couldn't get that s___eatin' grin off of my face. I wonder if I could arrange for that to happen again, but with this new model?

Now you can save money, while increasing your driving fun, in a Corvette supercar, that is a coupe or a convertible. Blow off those other cars on the track, while the wind blows thru whatever hair you might have. Ah, the life. How much can you save? A base Z06 coupe is $85k in Canada, but fully optioned out barely tops $120K. Almost an economy car.

And no wife is going to argue with a smart money saving purchase like this, when you tell her, that your new supercar was tens of thousands of dollars below the price of those other foreign supercars. She'll love you forever.

Until next time......

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