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Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19: You finish - you win!

 The Dakar Rally - held in South America. Hold on, just one minute there. Isn't Dakar, the famous African rally, which for years has challenged all types of strange rally vehicles, held in Africa? Isn't that where one would find Dakar? No and yes. A few years back, after a couple of contestants were kidnapped and killed, it was decided that this was one sporting event that needed to be moved. Africa had gotten way too dangerous. Heck, the rally was tough enough, without trying to outrun terrorists. But tradition being what it is, the name stuck, while the event moved to South America, as you can see on this map. Safe, but still an extreme challenge.

Tough course? Always had been and it still is. Out of 137 cars entered, only 67 finished. Hence my title - "You finish - you win!". Tough, tough, tough! Seasoned veterans, like the US's Robbie Gordon, only managed nineteenth, although he won the last stage.........

 .........and believe me, this jump was not being done for a good pic, it's just part of the course. Just like this Mini sand situation was.....

And speaking of Mini's, this year's winner was driving one. Not quite like what your local dealership is selling and probably, the only "Mini" part on it is the name..........

 This a real test of man and machine (cliche' well used). Always unpredictable, but this year's winner was a four timer. Funny, how this is often the case.

 Run what you brung? Not really, but Dakar has cars/suv's, all terrain vehicles, bikes and the really, big, full size trucks. Talk about eclectic........

 Think you are up to a couple of week's worth of good, old fashioned fun with your trusty suv and you'd also like to see some of South America? Well, give your head a shake. Or your bank account. These rally efforts require a big and very dedicated crew, big sponsorship, a purpose built ride and tons of good old cash. Worth the effort? Why not? Maybe you can be one of the favoured ones and actually finish. Either way, you'll have one heck of a good story to tell the folks back home.

And remember, the Dakar is in South America!

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  1. Not to brag about Polish talent, but since I'm still in Poland, I might as well: a Polish driver came in third in cars and first in the quad category. Good blog!

    1. Hi Derek.......hope things are going ok back home as I know that you are going thru a rough patch. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I must have been hiding under a rock somewhere because I didn't know that the Paris-Dakar Race had been moved and the name shortened to Dakar. I can't blame the organizers for moving it because the race alone is dangerous enough let alone the risk of being held up by terrorists along the way. Maybe there should just be a fleet of tanks and armored vehicles to keep the peace. I'm glad it's still going, even in a different place.

    1. George......don't beat yourself up, as we get so little rally coverage in North America that, it is a wonder I knew. One of my clients suggested this topic.