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Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10: Past their "best before" date

You've all heard the term "best before" date. Sure you have. It can apply to any number of things, although usually it refers to food. Personally, I use it to describe someone, who should have passed away long ago due to disease or mental condition. Take those bananas in the accompanying picture. They are a long way from their "date", but since this is a blog on cars, let's look beyond the edibles. How about that stunning example of a car, whose "best before" date must have expired, about the same time as those banana trees were planted. How in the world is that thing moving, whether under its own power or not? I wonder if it will get to wherever it is going, before its cargo reaches its "best before" date?

These are the kind of things that, one usually sees in the third world countries, like those of Africa or maybe even the Caribbean or Mexico. How do they ever keep on keeping on?

Forget about the torture those rear springs are experiencing, I wonder if that truck's frame is going to bend or break? Or just maybe, we in North America, don't use our vehicles to their full capabilities? Wouldn't expect to see this scene on one of our super highways, but there are plenty of back roads available for this stressed out old truck.

Here is an old Audi, that its owner has tricked out, just a little, before its time has come. Those dualie rear wheels will give it a bit more life, before it heads to the banana plantation for its last few rides. And what about those bullet holes? Obviously, they didn't succeed in putting it out of its misery.

Last week, this pic from Toronto's Globe & Mail, showed a bunch of happy revellers celebrating their candidate's election win. What better way, than to jump in and on your buddies sweet ride and cruise the streets, showing off the fact that, it still motors under its own power? A car wash sure wouldn't hurt this beauty.

By comparison this old French number is in first class shape, having both headlights in tact, although maybe a little air in that back tire would be to its advantage. I can see the Craig's List ad for this one already........ "only twenty three careful owners, lightly scuffed two door, well under 1m kms, comes complete with some air in the tires, price is firm." If you're not positive about your own wheels, then who will be?

Certainly past its "best before" date, is this well used Peugeot wagon.......

Another beast of burden, with a few working parts, probably just the motor and transmission, as it looks like even the roll up windows are a thing of the past. These old wagons haven't been made for many, many years, so figure that this one's "best before" date was passed in the last century.

 Is there ever a finite "best before" date? Even when everything in the car has gone to its just reward, some folks will find that there is still something to be gained, by hanging on to a few key parts and getting them moving in any way possible........

Past its "best before" date? Will this car ever be consigned to the scrap heap? You be the judge?

Until next time.........

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