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Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2: AMG G65 - I just don't get it

You think that this guy is thinking, what I'm thinking? Or do you imagine he is saying, this is my kind of ride? Who knows, since I wasn't there at the New York Auto Show this week, when automotive blasphemy took place.

I just don't get it. No, I really, really don't get it. Mercedes has a wonderful, big V12 power plant that, they put in a handful of their best and sportiest cars. So what do they unveil in New York? You got it, a V12 edition of their iconic G wagen. behold the G65 AMG.........

But why? First off, I've never figured out why anyone would want this truck as a status symbol, since its original purpose was to provide the German military with a light armoured vehicle, that would be dependable and versatile in a number of conflict situations. This is why, the Canadian army stocked up on them a few years ago......

You think that a V12 would make them a bit more intimidating? It certainly would get them into and out of trouble mighty fast.

The sales numbers actually speak for themselves. Benz sold just over 3000 G's in the US last year and about half had the mild(?) AMG 63 package  -  this is the 536 HP version. Obviously a "must have" for the golf club crowd, when running a tad late for their tee time. Just the person who needs the extra 80+ HP and the huge 738 ft lbs of tire shredding torque. But why? Just won the lottery and after spending most of it, one still has about $238k plus tax, burning a hole in their proverbial pocket?

Wouldn't this motor be best left in cars that, can make use of this mind numbing power, in the way that God intended?

Sure seems like this would be the best use of that terrific V12 powerhouse. And sure as heck, not in a civilianized military truck. Where are all those ex-Hummer owners? Maybe this can be your new country club ride.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm totally wrong about this and just don't get the irony of tracking this mighty offroader and running it against your smarter friends in their Italian purebreds......

Please note that with respect to truth in advertising (or blogging) the G shown, isn't quite the same as the one I'm ranting about, but for my purposes it's close enough. I sure wouldn't buy one if I had the coin, but can you imagine the fun you'd have if you did have the money? Ah, those rich folks, they certainly are different from you and me.

Ok, so now that I've got that off my chest, hope you all have a Happy Easter weekend.

Until next time......


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  2. I've always believed that you can never have enough horse power (as long as you have the coin to afford it). Having a lawyer on retainer is a worthwhile expense.