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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21: Fast hearse? What's the rush?

Fast hearse? Now really, what is the point of a really quick funeral car? I mean, the deceased is dead. They're not going anywhere anytime soon, at least not anywhere that, an ultra quick hearse will be of any benefit. But, as you know, there will always be someone who thinks that, a strange idea would be a really good one. So the idea of a very fast hearse, to them would have lots of appeal. Maybe the devil is on the deceased's tail, so a quick hearse would be very beneficial.

So, what are your options?

How about this classic coach, with a little work done to its motor? Just the thing to hustle the funeral procession along and maybe stop at the dragstrip on the way. If it's going to be the dear departed's last ride, then why not make it a wild one? Suggestions? Leave the casket at the starting line, as all that extra weight will add to those quarter mile times. But then, I guess that would defeat the purpose of a wild last ride, wouldn't it?

Too subtle for your over the top tastes? Sure, you like the speed, but when your final ride pulls up at the funeral home, you want it to be noticed everywhere, from heaven to hell.........

No, this one is not subtle at all. And the good thing is that, everyone will hear you coming, as you are going. What a great concept. Go easy on the length of your casket though, as this one is meant to haul ass, whether it is your's or not!

Even NASCAR star, Tony Stewart, sees the potential for a haulin' hearse. His unique Unique Autosports creation has the style, which you want your last ride to have and its 600 HP motor will get you to your grave before anyone notices that you have gone.

Want something with a little more umph, so that your trip around the graveyard will be remembered for quite some time?

The fire and brimstone that, this baby is creating, has to be much better than, what you may be on your way to experiencing for eternity. Great ride, as long as your trip to the grave is along relatively straight roads, but what if there are a few turns? Well, this is when we turn to our European friends, who value handling along with their power, no matter what the circumstances.......

No problem, with this AMG tweaked Mercedes hauling your remains around the twists and turns of the local graveyard.

Now why, you ask would your blogger want to write about fast hearses? Seems to me that, it might be an anomaly and as I said earlier, who really needs a fast hearse? But doesn't the Bible refer to the "quick and the dead"? Well, can you say for sure, that a fast hearse wasn't the point of reference here?

I rest my case. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Until next time........

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