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Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17: If I had a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars? Remember that old song by the Bare Naked Ladies? Well, adjusted for inflation and other things, it probably should be, if I had a billion dollars. But let's not quibble about money that we don't have, let's just say, we are rich and want a way to express ourselves that's, a touch out of the mainstream showroom stuff. What to do, what to do?

For a start, contact this company in Belgium and have a chat about your needs. No reason to be specific, since they have more imagination that most of us. Say a Bentley comes to mind, but a Continental is so common.........

Well then, how about this custom ride, the Excelsior? Built for the gentleman or lady who has immense wealth and doesn't want to trouble themselves with the mundane task of driving to Holt Renfrew. The two tone, sets off those classic lines so well. And while this is being built, have the Carat Security Group armor it, since one can't be too safe these days.

Carat is a relatively recent company, but they have ownership of some classic names, which have been building special rides for many, many years........

Recognize that old presidential Lincoln? Reagan also drove in one of their companies' cars.

But you want something more than a mere stretch and a few extra hides of top notch leather. You want to be able to get in and out in the elegant fashion which people expect of you. The answer?

Yes, it is this nice and tidy raised roof option. Particularly advantageous when you are an African dictator and want to be seen by your people (but not too much of you as to be an easy target). They'll appreciate the thought, after all they paid for it.

Check out the Carat website. You'll see that they pride themselves on providing extravagant rides (usually armored) to the rich and famous and despised of our world. Now, maybe this is a little over the top for the simple billionaire's taste that you pride yourself on having. Maybe that simple stretch and an ultra gorgeous interior will be enough.

But let's say, it isn't and besides you are partial to cars from the other side of the Pacific. What can Carat do for you? You wanted something imaginative, right?

Sure, so go all out and let the world know who you are. This customized Lexus should fit the bill nicely, oh and don't worry about the heat, as that roof surely most have some sort of solar barrier built in, this is the 21st century after all.

Not to your taste and you really would like an suv? Fear, no more, since Carat can also transfer the ubiquitous Range Rover into a ride to die for........

Looking for a ride to die for, but not in, well there are options for you as well. Sure you are a billionaire, but let's just say, you need to be a little cautious. Let's say, you are a Mexican drug lord, like El Chapo, then you really need some extra protection.......

......then what better way to get around than in this Yukon that, apart from being able to survive rocket attacks, comes complete with a hatch so that you can counter attack without any impediments to your line of fire.

Even the Russian Mafia, shown in this pic, needs the protection that Carat can provide. Nice vehicles, but a little too obvious for that trip to Holt's, wouldn't you say?

Yes, you and your simple, but classic billionaire's tastes, needs Carat Duchatelet to fashion an elegant, but distinctive ride. Not for you the too obvious macho Yukons or the open to the world Lexus. No, you lean to the classics and nothing says classic like a Rolls Royce.........

...........executed nicely with that raised roof and "just in case" bullet proof glass. The red carpet is a lovely touch and nothing less will be expected from Holt's, when you pull up at their front door.

The lottery jackpot is up to $85 mil this week, no, not a billion, but plenty enough to enable you to contact Carat and have them whip up some vehicular distinction for you. Google them for the exact address.

Until next time......

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  1. If I had a million dollars, very few would notice other than I would probably retire and those projects I have would be closer to completion by now. As far as spending money on exotic cars, my tastes are pretty basic. I'd probably splurge on a '32 Ford Victoria and a '38 Ford pickup but otherwise I'd just enjoy myself; maybe be able to spend a little more time at the computer and get another book published.