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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28: Rockin' Rims

Clothes make the man. You all know that old adage and you know what it means. Imagine if the president of the United States addressed the citizens in torn jeans and dirty t-shirt. Even ZZ Top wrote a song about a Sharp Dressed Man. Now to a car guy like me, nothing finishes off a car like a great set of rims. Something like the ones on this new Mustang, really set off the look of this hot ride. My brother's 2015 Mustang is charcoal with knock off Torque Thrust rims and it looks so much better than the base rim/tire package. Trust me!

You don't? Ok, so a picture is worth 1000 words.......

How important are wheels on a car? How about a huge multi, multi-million dollar industry supplying aftermarket rims for those of us, for whom the stock rim just won't cut it. Heck, even my wife's lowly HHR has aftermarket wheels. And like, with any product there are always those items that, are over the top in style and dollars. Want to see the rim which comes with a free Bentley?

And in your choice of precious gems. This will get the neighbours talking when you are washing it in your driveway on Saturday morning. Or should I say, the help is washing it?

Sure, when your bejeweled wheel is worth a cool $1m, you can afford to throw in a Bentley, even when it does cost just under $200k. Dilemma. You already own a Bentley, but want something a little tasty to spark up your ride. Something to set it apart from all those other expensive cars and to show the impeccable taste for which you'd like to become known. And make it something a little less garish than the $1m rim above........

Look closely.........loaded with expensive stones, but subtle in a perverse kind of way.

Not your style, assuming you have some? You picture yourself more as the cuddly teddy bear type, then what better way to tell the world, than with this classic.........

Sadly this rim is no longer in production, but heck, isn't eBay just the ticket for finding the few remaining unsold copies? Just hope the size is correct.

Still not convinced that either one of these rims will work for you? You, the colourful character, known for a bit of flamboyance to go along with that impeccable taste. You want a rim that will stand you out from the everyday, something that trumpets your arrival on the scene. Ok, then I have a wheel for you......

Sure. it's bright, but it suits your personality to a "t", doesn't it? Maybe even throw in some pinstriping to match that vibrantly shocking pink?

Ok, so none of these fit the bill. You long for something subtle, but you've always loved gold. So, there is only one choice for you, no second guessing about whether you've made the right choice, when you buy this exotic number..........

Yeah, I figured that would do it. You might want to skip that over the top gold finish on the car, though.

I'm surprised that I still haven't landed on just the right wheel for your personality. Something distinct without being flashy. Something that makes a statement without you having to say a thing. A touch threatening with just a little bit of implied danger. Let me think.........ok, I've got it, this has to be the rim for you.........

Nailed it, right? This snake wheel will make a statement on any car, but make your car selection carefully and you will never have to say anything at all when you arrive, your rims say it all for you.

Rockin' rims. No longer just something to hold the tire. Make them say something for and about you. Do it right and live the dream.

Until next time.......


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