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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nov 1: Mercedes - what's missing?

Sure, why not? I mean, look at their history of great trucks, from the big long haul tractors to the small around town delivery vans. Yep, Mercedes-Benz has had you covered. But wait a minute, not so fast. Think about it. What is Mercedes missing in their comprehensive truck line up? Just look at their cars, where they have every possible niche covered and maybe then some. Now go back to the truck line up and right there in front of you is that missing niche and it ain't a small niche. Mercedes-Benz is missing a pick-up truck. How the heck did that happen? In a world where pick-ups are a major factor this was a glaring omission. Well, folks, not much longer.......

Right before your eyes is their just announced X Class. A new family oriented pick-up truck, that will finally fill that gaping hole in their line up. Still in concept form, but almost exactly the way it will appear over the next couple of years, the model above is called the Stylish Explorer, while their other concept has the macho tag, Powerful Adventurer......

My goodness, you'd almost think that they were from the other side of the Pacific with names like that. Well, regardless of their monikers, they look like a sure thing for Benz. Planned to be released almost worldwide, with the US, strange as it may seem still under consideration. Hey fellas, check the sales results over here and then start loading up those ships.

For those of you with an international view, this new Mercedes truck may look vaguely familiar. Ya think? As I've blogged before, there are all sorts of joint ventures in the car business these days, so it shouldn't come as a surprise, that this truck has its roots from a country other than Germany. So, let's see its extended family........

This parent is the Nissan Navara. Sold worldwide (excluding the US, of course), a smaller, but tough little truck, competing with armed rebels everywhere for their business. If you've read my blogs before, you already know that the Mercedes GLA and the Infiniti QX30 are a joint venture, so no surprise, Benz looked to Nissan for a quick fix to fill that missing pick-up niche.

Think you might have seen this Nissan truck somewhere else as well? Good eye, because here it is as the Renault Alaskan.......

Again, this is not surprising considering that Renault and Nissan are the same company. I also wouldn't be at all surprised to see this truck as a Mitsubishi in the near future, since the Nissan/Renault combine just scooped up that ailing company.

On the X Class concept, the interior was gorgeous, but more than likely not the way their truck will come to market, but maybe I'm dead wrong. Maybe, Benz will market this to upmarket families, who want a Nissan truck with the Mercedes nameplate and Mercedes luxury (or something like that). If so, then this interior might be quite appropriate.

So, those of you in North America, who have been pinning for a pick-up, but refuse to buy anything that doesn't carry the Mercedes-Benz badge, don't get too excited just yet. The X Class might not make it here.

Who am I kidding? Count on this new niche filler to be in North American M-B showrooms within a couple of years (ok, maybe three). Think about it. What is the downside here? Sure, these won't be F-150 competitors, but surely there would be a ready market for a few thousand of these luxury Nissan's each year. Mark this date on your calendar, of when Barry made another of his predictions and let me know when I'm wrong.

Until next time........

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