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Friday, November 25, 2016

Nov 25: New AMG

Pity this poor guy. Here is the three time (so far) world champion Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, leaning against his rare, custom painted (aren't they all?) Pagani Zonda. Lewis drives for Mercedes, but a guy as wealthy as him can't be driving a common place Benz, no matter good a car it may be. No, Lewis, the poor wretch, has to pony up his hard earned (at least) $2.5 million US dollars for a rarer car, that befits his immense wealth and stature. If you haven't shed a tear so far, what in the world are you using for a heart?

Well cheer up, friendo, as all that is about to change. Mercedes-Benz' performance arm, AMG is about to make Lewis and a couple of hundred other multimillionaires extremely happy. AMG was started nearly fifty years ago by two gents, Aufrecht and Melcher, who, looking for a quaint name for their new tuning company decided on using their initials, A and M, while adding a G for Grossaspach, Aufrecht's hometown (Melcher must have lost the coin toss). So, AMG was formed to perform wonderful things to Mercedes-Benz cars, to make them, shall we say, a little quicker on the autobahn. Cars like the infamous AMG Hammer......

Which I believe was the first real AMG created car sold thru Mercedes dealerships.Great name for a rather brutal car for its time. Eventually bought by Mercedes, AMG is approaching their 50th anniversary, so obviously, with poor ol' Lewis in mind, they have decided to come up with a barn burner to celebrate the occasion. Yes, I know, many would have simply whipped up a great cake, but this is the auto industry, where every occasion (like the upcoming 10th anniversary of the discontinuance of the Pontiac brand?) deserves a model to commemorate the date.

AMG and Mercedes are obviously not immune to opportunism, as they have forgone the cake route, to create the AMG Hypercar (has a nice ring to it - kind of understated?)........

This beast of a car, which so far has only been teased in concept form, will apparently use an F1 drivetrain providing around 1000 HP motivation. A little something to tickle Lewis' fancy? And only between two and three hundred being made worldwide, so if the price doesn't guarantee rarity, this will. Oh, the price? Expect it to be in the $2 million plus range, when it finally hits the streets (or dunes) in late 2018 (maybe). Rest assured Lewis and Nico won't have to start saving, as this little trinket is probably written into their contracts.

And, if this AMG Hypercar special edition bears any resemblance to the concepts, it will be one very striking automobile.....

......proving one again, that one doesn't have to design something as butt ugly as the Pagani Zonda to get everyone's attention.

Now back to that production figure. Even without a finalized design to show buyers, the production run is almost completely sold out. Actually, it may be completely sold out, as I haven't heard from Benz telling me to start saving. One more reason to buy lottery tickets and to envy Lewis Hamilton.

Until next time.....

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