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Friday, December 2, 2016

Dec 2: 2017 Bilenkin

Do you happen to have an older BMW 3 series and know a Russian designer? You do! That's great, because there are many of us who have one, but not the other and are flummoxed about what to do. Maybe the Bimmer is a little too modern for us and we envision it with a touch retro design. Maybe that Russian designer could whip up some sketches for our consideration? Something like these.......

Now that's more like it. No reason why we should forget the '70's entirely, while sporting a very sporty chassis. It's fun to dream. But hold on just a cotton pickin' minute. What if that Russian designer had contacts or had decided to produce something like this for real? Wouldn't that be like dreaming in technicolor? But would the real car stay true to those cool sketches?

Who would have thought? Here it is, the car of your dreams the 2017 Bilenkin. So there actually is a Russian designer, who has put your dreams into reality with this very low production car, nicely retro on a BMW 3 Series platform. What's not to like? Want something a little more individualized and just maybe a little more unusual? Wish no longer........

Taking a cue from those heavy and dusty old tapestries, our designer has whipped up an interior that will have your friends talking (after they've stopped laughing?). Ah, the time of the czars was never like this.

Seriously though, who hasn't had nightmares about what to do with an older Bimmer? No car from the 1970's had the panache, that you were looking for and you were at your wit's end about where to turn. Thankfully there are creative people in this world who share your dream and have your imagination. Check out that steering wheel.........

Oh, so reminiscent of an old Mercedes. I think it may actually harken back to the 1950's, mixing decades to make your dream car, a dream no longer.

Now let's get serious  -  check out this link.....  http://new.bilenkin.ru/ . Of course, it helps if you can understand Russian, but please don't let that be an impediment to you putting this drivable dream in your driveway. In a multicultural city like Toronto, it shouldn't take long to find a comrade to assist you. If you live in Calais, Maine, well, friend you are on your own.

The 2017 Bilenkin........imagination meets reality, meets the 1970's, meets a big cheque. File under things to do with those lottery winnings.

Until next time......

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