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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dec 20: Mighty F-150's

Comin' at ya, the 2018 Ford Raptor, the biggest Big Kahuna of the streets and fields. Or is it? Meant to be a rock em, sock em, high powered ride with the ability to do real off road runs to your local grocery store ("Hey, that's my lawn you just ran over!"). Powered by a very cool 450 HP V6 motor. V6? Amazing what technology can do. When I was younger having a V6 anything was a mark of shame, not something to brag about to your neighbours (you know, like the one whose lawn you just destroyed). These are great times, aren't they?

But pull up to the Christmas party in this beast and you will certainly get their attention, regardless of the engine type.......

.......as this brute has all the necessary suspension work to back up those brawny, good looks. And all for around $70k Canadian, plus freight and pdi, one might say that this truck is almost a bargain. One might say that.

On the other hand (yes, there is always that other hand), what do you think of when you hear the word, Shelby? Would this picture be a good guess?

Yes, I'd say, it would be a very good guess. But open up your mind to other possibilities and in doing so, think of that Raptor pick-up. Think harder and maybe this will be something you would visualize........

Same paint job and many of the same design cues as the Mustang version, but this Shelby Ford F-150 truck is much more than a superficial paint and tape job. Way more. And for a price of more than double the Raptor, it should be. A truck like this should be as capable on road as off and should have gobs of big power, with which to intimidate the flora, the fauna and the wildlife, as you rocket across the landscape. Of course, the Shelby F-150 has all of that, as it is motivated by a whopping 700 HP powerplant.

Yes, sir, this truck is the real deal and with only five hundred made, a very scarce real deal. Unlikely you'll see yourself coming down the street, like you would in a regular F-150. How much would you pay for this individuality? Well, as you read above, you'll pay close to $150k, to have this bruiser sitting in your driveway. On the other hand (there's that hand again), if one has that kind of coin to spread around, just maybe this truck would be useful to tow around a few other of their prized possessions.......

No question, this would be the ideal match up and by comparison to the price of a real and original Shelby Cobra, the F-150 version is merely chump change. A great looking combo in anyone's book.

With Christmas literally days away and you worrying that the family's gift to you will be a touch underwhelming, maybe this is the time to treat yourself? Do a quick internet search and try to snag one of these very scarce and very individualized Shelby F-150's to brighten up your holiday.

Make those Christmas visits to your depressingly less fortunate relatives something, that they will talk about for a long time to come.

Until next time.......

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