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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 14: Maybach again

Maybach. A name most of us car folks would associate with those gorgeous classics from the years before WW II. Cars that were like rolling sculptures. A name worth remembering, but to corporate giant Mercedes-Benz, it was also a name worth resurrecting. A name brought back to compete with rival BMW's rejuvenated Rolls Royce line. Corporate jealousy? Probably. Corporate rivalry? Definitely. So in the early 2000's, they trotted out the easily lost in a crowd and easily forgotten, ultra expensive Maybach 52/62 line. Against the prestigious Rollers, the Maybach had all the class of a sardine boat and not a new one, at that. Nothing to make it stand out, except as the ride of the spoiled offspring of  the " too much money, too fast" crowd.

After being sent to an early demise, the Maybach name plate was once again dusted off, but this time M-B did it right and simply put it on a nicely modified S Class with an interior just oozing luxury and at a much more realistic price......

Understated elegance and at about $250k Canadian, definitely more affordable than the over priced 52/62. Of course, "more affordable" is relative, but something a one hit wonder rapper could afford or even the dictator of a non oil rich African country.

But one car does not a product line make (or something like that). So once again Mercedes looked at their huge line of vehicles and pondered, what other model could benefit from the Maybach treatment and would be a good companion to the big sedan?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Sure thing and a great(?) idea. Mercedes thought, let's take the G wagen, that military mainstay, that has been adopted in its jewel encrusted form by those wealthy folks looking for a unique, but clunky vehicle, that screams money. Something that says, I have so much coin, that I don't care how stupid my ride looks.

So M-B looked no further than the G wagen and decided to make this unique ride even more unique. Those aspiring rappers and African dictators can now start putting down their deposits. Ensure that they are the first ones in their hood or continent to get the Maybachized G wagen.

Behold the G650 Landaulet........

Yep, add a little length, rip off the back of the roof, spice up the interior and viola', the G650 Landaulet is born. Soon to be a mainstay of your town's richest neighbourhoods. Yes sir, now Maybach gets a sport ute to live or die for (if you are a dictator).

And who wouldn't be proud to pull up to your moneyed friends' mansions in this rolling example of how to use fine leather? Of course, those back seats beg the question, who is going to drive this thing? With those butter soft, luxurious loungers, oh so cushy throw cushions and open back end, this is an suv that absolutely screams, "Hire a chauffeur!".

The old adage, know your customer, probably applies to this new Maybach. Someone like me would never have thought up this variation of this hideous vehicle. Heck, someone like me, would never have had the G wagen leave the military. But someone deep in the heart of Mercedes saw that there was money to be made with this vehicle. Let's just hope it isn't the same person who came up with idea for the Maybach 52/62.

Until next time........

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