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Friday, February 17, 2017

Feb 17: Family Day weekend reads

Here we are in Toronto looking forward to the first holiday weekend of the year, Family Day long weekend. A Monday off in February, granted to folks in Ontario, to help us thru the winter and (obviously) to garner a few extra votes (it worked). So one could plan something with their family or do something much more fun, like read. Being a voracious reader, mostly non-fiction, entering the world of a new book is a treat for me. Occasionally though, good fiction presents itself, so I acquiesce to its charms. Today, I thought I'd share some classic car guy/gal reads, which open up a world most of us are probably unfamiliar with.

Let's start with something from my youth......

A nice little read about a young guy who buys a beat up old MG TC and fixes it up to become the envy of his friends. When I was about twelve or thirteen, this was a riveting read, so take my comments in the context of a young kid. Not available thru your local library? Amazon has a hardcover for $653 or a used paperback for $237. The latter might be a good bet and might be in good condition, as this was not the type of book for a young kid to read in the bathroom, if you get my drift.

Want something a bit more meaty? Something, although not worthy of a literary prize, still stands the test of time? Look no further than.......

A classic Henry Gregor Felsen book (Google him), dealing in depth with the issues of its time....... "Speed....Danger....Death!" Does it get any better than that? Almost like a Donald Trump press conference. Trying to broaden its appeal to a more upscale reader, this book was also published with a more sedate cover, but it didn't take away from the gripping story between the eye catching binding.

Hooked on the classics? Then you'll want to latch onto this read, another one by that illustrious commentator of his times, Henry Gregor Felsen.......

"They don't want to die - they just don't believe they can get killed!" Wow! I really believe that line on the cover says it all and if that doesn't doesn't make you want to grab this book, run home and start reading, well, I just don't know what will.

To my mind, anything with the word hot rod, in its title has got to be good. Although sometimes it's easy to get these masterpieces mixed up, when recommending them to others in your book club or even some casual acquaintence you met on the subway. They're all good reads, so you'll impress others with your literary knowledge and good taste, no matter which one they pick up.

Looking for something with a touch more depth? Something delving into the more compelling issues of the day? Then I heartily recommend, that you add these titles to your personal library........

Not sure which ones have garnered those sought after literary awards, but back in the day, all the best actors and actresses wanted to be considered for starring roles, should any of these make it to the big screen. Imagine Tom Hanks or Jennifer Lawrence in Hot Rod Gang Rumble? Oscar nominations for sure.

I know many of you don't have the time or attention span for a good book, so why not pick up one of those comics devoted to our beloved car culture. The Clint Curtis series will provide moments, if not complete minutes, of top notch entertainment.

After a few of these raw stories of life in the fast lane, I believe you'll want to puruse something a little more relaxing. Something that involves stories about a normal family's road trips. With dad in his stylishly, shady chapeau and his apple pie baking, cigarette smoking wife in the back seat, these tales of life on the road are more than just fun reading.......

Follow this family's adventures, as dad takes their perfect kids out for ice cream, while mom, back at the motel, engages in, shall we say, more adult pastimes with the local truckers. This is a fun read for the entire family.

Family Day long weekend, a great time to kick back and catch up on top notch literature. Enjoy!

Until next time......


  1. Man, does that bring me some memories! I read The Red Car back in the fall of '65 when I was in 7th Grade. I thought it was the greatest read since the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (which I collect to this day). I read several of Henry G. Felson's books. Hot Rod and Street Rod would have to rank among the best I've ever read. I think I read most of Hot Rod during 7th Grade Social Studies (keeping it within the confines of my text book). One day I hope to collect them as well. Oh yes, I'll look for a copy of The Red Car but I think that $600+ is a little out of my budget....

  2. Hi George......your comments bring those memories back to me about The Red Car and the Hardy Boys (every chapter ends with a scary event). Interesting to hear about your collection. Probably won't be complete though until you land a copy of Pit Stop Nympho.