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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16: Ready for the Apocalypse?

There is no denying, that with the current "shaky finger on the red button" US president, we are probably closer to the apocalypse than ever before. So as a public service, this blog today will point out vehicles, which would be good choices with which to plan your survival, along with those enduring coakroaches, which seem to be able to live through anything.

Let's start with the very best vehicle to live thru that anything and be the envy of those among us who also made it thru to the other side, whatever that will be. This beast of the post apocalyptic era is the amazing Kiravan.........

This one of a kind vehicle is definitely a money is no object proposition. Equipped with everything one could possibly need to start a new country. Load her up with Kraft dinner and you would be good to go until you breathed your last. The price? Hey, let's get one thing clear right now, if you have to ask....... Well, you know the rest of that cliche.

But, if you did ask the price, you should know that there is only one Kiravan, but its creators would be more than happy to build another one just for you. The cost? Priceless!

Of course, not everyone will need what the unique Kiravan offers, so let's check out the more modest, but still imposing alternatives for the day, when that shaky fingered dude, shoots first and asks questions later.

You have to know that Mercedes would offer up something costly (although much less than the Kiravan), but with the rock solid quality, that will be needed in the times to come. I mean, how many Benz dealers will still be operating after the Big One?


 A place for everything and just maybe easier to maneuvre without the Kiravan's huge trailer. Yes, you'll have to give up a few niceties, that the Kiravan offers, but what the heck, you pocketed mucho savings.

Other companies have equally impressive rides to carry you across the decimated landscape, with or without a trailer........

Looking at what these other manufacturers have to offer, you can tell immediately, that I'm not the only person thinking positively (or negatively?) of the future. I call it the Boy Scout credo.....always be prepared.
None of us are hoping for these kind of times, but it's good to know that we'll have options, if they do come to pass.

As I said, bring money, but with the size of these behemoths, wouldn't it be a good idea to pool your resources with a few friends or (worse case) some relatives and step up to the plate now? Purchase your future ride and keep it at the ready in your backyard, just in case.

High enough in that driver's seat to avoid the slings and arrows of those less fortunate souls, who didn't have the foresight to see what was coming. No one can blame you for being that little bit smarter.

And now back to the penultimate, post apocalyptic vehicle, the incredible Kiravan..........

Just the thing to grind across that dismal landscape, as you look for anyone else who might have survived, or try to avoid them.

I'm happy to be able to present these options to you, so you won't left wondering how to get around in your ineffective, country club crossover. Another public service of this blog, just bring money.

Until next time.......

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