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Friday, February 18, 2011

This weekend

Great long weekend ahead......

1) TO car show this afternoon. I missed Detroit due to winter weather, so TO is a good fall back. It doesn't have the most up to date concepts (they go to Chicago), but there are still enough new models and side exhibits to make it fun.
2) Daytona 500....usually a good show, unpredicatble due to nature of restrictor plate racing. I'm a Jr. fan, but anyone but Kyle Busch or Jimmie J winning would be ok.
3) model building.....finishing up 1968 Dart Hemi drag car  -  love the old racers from the 60's and have several famous diecast drag cars in my office (the good old days??). Will look good in matte balck paint - tough.
4) also some golf practise and a movie

Back on Tuesday with some impressions from the show.


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