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Friday, February 25, 2011

TO auto show - part 2

Just had a client ask me about the new Fiat 500. I'll be very interested to see how this car is received  -  cute as a button, but who remembers Fiats affectionally?

Maybe I was blind last Friday, but I didn't see any Saabs at the auto show. Maybe they felt that the 10 or 11 they are going to sell in Canada, will sell regardless of who else sees them. The owner of Saab has just sold his sport car business to concentrate on rebuilding Saab  -  I think he is going to have to concentrate hard, really hard. Nothing wrong with the car, but let's face it, nobody buys them.

There is a new bigger Jetta on the way, that would be the Passat, but boy it sure looks like Jetta's larger identical twin. Kidding aside, it is conservatively attractive.

I'm an Audi fan  -  feel they are good value and love their style. They nailed it with the new A7 Sportback  -  just compare it to that very strange BMW 5 series GT. Watch for the new RS models coming later this year.

Did you see the line ups at the Toyota display? Neither did I. Another Hybrid Prius model, which just might sell now that the gas prices are headed upwards. People talk about saving the planet, but you can't sell a hybrid when gas is reasonable  -  you sure can move big Ford pick ups though!

On another note......did you see the Daytona 500? Great race with an amazingly improbable ending. Great to see the "little guy" win one.

Until next time.

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