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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TO car show

If you are going to the Toronto Auto Show get a map, as I missed the 100 level  -  the convention centre is very confusing. I find it interesting that on one hand there are lots of new economy cars while at the same time the power ratings are increasing on the performance cars. Some thoughts....

Hyundai  -  boy talk about a transformation over the years  -  quality and good looks. The new Elantra blows the Civic and Corolla out of the water. The latter is so boring I'd have to visit Tim Horton's before each drive just to stay awake.

Chrysler  -  great new interiors and the Charger/Chrysler 300 are worth considering if in market for a full size car (or looking for a spacious daily rental)

GM  -  new small cars like the upcoming Sonic (loads of room) and Buick Verano - beautiful interior. Caddy CTS coupe is a stunner while the V has enough power to put someone in jail for a very long time.

Ford  -  new Focus is well done, Explorer is great. Still can't stomach the new Lincoln front ends  -  who designs these things??

Mercedes  -  got to figure out a way to get a new CLS, but what is with the matte finish on the display model? That thing would never look clean. Maybe a matte finish on a Lambo, but on a sedan it just looks weird. Funny how a really old hot rodder's trick makes it to the bigtime!

More thoughts on Wednesday.



  1. I agree about the Lincoln front ends. It's like a bad sci-fi movie!

  2. Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of photos on your blog.