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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday: Cuba

Old car show in Toronto?  Nope this is a scene in Cuba. For years we've heard of the treasure trove of old American iron driving around Cuba  -  cars from the 40's and 50's just waiting to be scooped up for a song (your choice). Well, yes and no........yes there are lots of old American cars and yes, they probably could be had for a song, so what's the catch? How about the fact that most of them are crap  -  loads of body filler and maybe a Lada motor.

This 1956? Olds junker typifies what most of these Cuban dream cars are all about.......body work and dents, maybe even a roof chopped off (kind of scary), lumbering along on old tractor or truck tires.

a slightly better 1957 Dodge

a mouldy 1960 Austin Westminister like my folks used to have

a 1957 Buick with typical fender mounted brake lights - a local innovation

One sees books on the cars of Cuba, but all they show are the beauties and yes, there are a few of those, but "few" is the operative word here. I think the Americans are salivating over the prospects of being able to travel to this island and scoring a classic  -  boy are they going to be surprised.

More on another day.

Until next time........ 

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  1. Right on. Although there were indeed a few nice looking ones to be found, I never heard a V8 apart from in a Russian truck.