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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 19: What?

Veloster? What is a Veloster? I like car names much better than the dumb letters or numbers that are endlessly confusing. But let's put a name on a car that some of us can pronounce and maybe even understand. That said, this new Hyundai coupe looks to be a real sweetheart.

Just another hot little hatchback? Well, not quite, but it's certainly different and if one is looking for style I think it has it in spades. To begin with, it is being introduced with a 138 HP motor, so don't expect riveting performance. Knowing Hyundai though, we should expect an upgrade over the next year (like the Sonata). But leave it to Hyundai to be different. Take a look at this pic........

This is the other side of the "three door" Veloster. It's a three door on the driver's side and a four door on the curb side (assuming you park on the correct side of the street). Neat idea since climbing into the back seat of any small hatch is a painful exercise. By the way, there is a very controversial European ad for the Velostar, that you should check out on You Tube. I thought it was a riot, but not everyone agrees.

I don't deliver many Civic coupes and no Scion tC's (but then again, nobody else does either), so what do I think will happen with the Veloster? I believe it has a couple of very important points going for it.......

1) it is dramatic looking which works well in the coupe market

2) it is a Hyundai and they are on a big roll these days

Be interesting to see what actually happens. But what about that name?

Until next time........

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