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Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec 2: Snow Job

Not the ideal car for our snowy winters, but I'm showing this Corvette pic to point out an important fact.......in snow with snow tires even the hottest sportscar is driveable, if you drive sensibly. Compare this shot to this BMW suv.......

How many times have you been driving on a snowy day, only to be passed by some nut in an suv who thinks that they are impervious to the conditions because they have a 4x4 truck? Just because one has a 4x4 sure doesn't mean that you can ignore the conditons. After a snow storm you can always see shots like this in the paper or on the news.......

The sport utility drivers always seem to find the ditches before the other drivers. They think they are the kings (or queens) of the road until they realize that 4 tires slip and slide as easily as 2. There is an old saying that having an suv allows you to get buried deeper and further from the road. Even seemingly short and simple trips can be difficult regardless of what you are piloting. How about this Toyota 4Runner stuck at the end of a driveway.......

Most of us would have shovelled an exit, so that this wouldn't happen. Not this suv driver.........just barge right thru it until you get stuck  -  now try to shovel this brute out.

No, they are not the perfect snow machines. And yes, snow tires would have helped. And no, you cannot drive like a nut. Easy does it and get home safely.

Until nex time.......

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