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Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec16: Power Play Conclusion

2013 Mustang Shelby GT500

Talking about old and revered car names resurfacing, how about the Mustang Shelby GT500? Ford has used this name from the '60's for the past few years to denote their big dog, top of the line Mustang. It has always had the most power and the most aggressive looks. Apart from the name, the overall look is quite similar to the original as you can see by this '68 version.......

Pretty similar, right? These days though, the power has gone absolutely nuts, no longer is this a 428 Cobra Jet motor with a "measly" 370 or so HP. No, its 2013 namesake has a whopping 650 HP!! This makes it the least expensive car anywhere in the world that will top 200 miles/hour or about 330 kms/hour. For only about $65k you can get into this beast. Now that is amazing. I think that to find the next car with this ability, one would have to move up to a much more expensive Corvette Z06 (and even this car is a steal for its abilities).

A couple of quick Mustang Shelby stories......

1) My Toyota Fleet Manager has a 2010 GT500 convertible  -  couldn't find a Camry with enough power?

2) Back in unversity, one year I was in charge of lining up cars for our winter carnival parade. The local dealers would usually contribute a new convertible for the evening to which I would assign drivers. Much to my surprise, the local Mercury dealer gave us a '68 GT500 convertible like this one......

No question this was going to be my ride for the parade. "Pick it up after lunch and have it back first thing in the morning.", said the sales manager. Well you can just imagine the time that I had in that Mustang  -  cold weather, but dry roads. Whoppee! Whatever were they thinking, giving me that car?

We thought we had it good back in the days of the muscle cars, but nothing could compare to what is available today. Money buys power  -  if only I had the money.

Until next time........

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