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Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5: Surprise!

A few years back, Toyota and Subaru agreed to work together on a joint shared vehicle. Now we all know that Subaru has all wheel drive (AWD) covered and that is what they are known for (and of course their hot rally cars). So what kind of a car do Toyota and Subaru manage to come up with.......a small suv? Nope. An AWD sedan? No, way. Ok, so what do they do?

How about this.........

And this........

Who would have figured that they'd decide on a hot little coupe and a real beauty at that. Toyota's FR-S (the red car) will be sold under the Scion badge, so maybe Scion will finally have a car that sells. Subaru's version will be called the BRZ. Pricing should be in the low 20's to start, but I'll have to get back to you on the mechanicals.

Who would have thought that this neat little coupe would be the result of these minds meeting? And who would have thought that Toyota would put together such an edgy design? Take a look at the current Scion coupe and tell me that it has mass appeal. We should see the final product at the Detroit show and get all the nasty little details  -  be worth waiting for.

By the way, the Car Modelling Cat and I have started working on a nail polish pink, 1948 Ford custom coupe  -  cool. Had some issues with the Little Red Wagon, so it's temporarily sidelined, but hope to get it finished during the holidays.

Until next time.........

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