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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1: Cars in China & the Beijing Auto Show

How long ago was it that the market for cars in China was minor and those that were sold there were oddball local products? Well some things never seem to change, but other things have changed drastically.

The new Red Flag sedan  -  only available to party officials

The Red Flag is a throw back to old China, who like the old Soviet Union, only sold their top luxury cars to Communist Party officials. The other thing about them was that they were odd looking (the cars that is) and copied western designs (badly). Is that front end from the '55 Chevy?

Then there are direct copies of cars from other countries since China has such weak copyright laws. How about this Smart Car knock off. Not too long ago BMW took offence to a Chinese design that was going to be sold in Europe because it looked exactly like an X5.

Did you know that there are more cars sold in China (or just about to be) than in the United States, which was formerly the biggest car market in the world? Did you know that without the Chinese market General Motors would have dropped Buick instead of Pontiac? Did you know that Buicks sold in North America have actually been designed for the Chinese market and have lots of room in the back seat? The reason.......most of them are sold in China and they are chauffeur driven. Did you know that VW is the biggest brand sold in China followed by GM?

So what is my point? One of the most important auto shows has just been held in Beijing  -  important because of the new car introductions, which formerly might have been unveiled in Geneva or Frankfurt. Remember you always play to the most important market and China is very, very important. Here are some of the important new intros that you'll be hearing plenty about........

The red suv is the (now get this) Lamborghini Uris. How important is this vehicle? Well, it's being shown about 4 years before it's first delivery in 2016 or 2017. The silver sedan is a 2013 Benz CLA  -  a smaller sport sedan (M-B calls it a coupe), that will slot in just above the C series. Available here in the Fall.

Haven't got that kind of money to spend, then how about this new MG concept that just might make it to market for the price of a Mini (?).

How things have changed, from a "have not" car country to one that is helping to shape what the rest of the world drives. To use a cliche.......you ain't seen nothing yet!.

Until next time..........

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  1. The red flag sedan - wow. I'd say that front end is quite radical for 2012.

    The MG actually looks a bit like a mini concept. Maybe it's just the white roof on red with the headlights?