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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12: Fleetwood Country Cruize In, Part 2

Imagine you had good taste, tons of money and collected classic Cadillacs, wouldn't you build a beautiful French style home, that is in reality a car museum featuring chandeliers and hardwood floors? Whatever your answer might be, this is what Steve Plunkett has done at his home in London, Ontario. In blog Part 1, I told you about his annual cruise and his property. The above pic is where he shows the cream of his collection, an absolutely beautiful venue. I can just picture myself walking thru it one night with a duster.

Now, he also has many more contemporary Caddy's, but they are shown in a more low key, "down home" setting........

..........this group has some unusual models like a mid '70's Cadillac pick-up and a '70 station wagon (see my May 18: Cadillac Oddities blog), plus a few celebrity cars. And as you can see, lots of memorabilia. Being of a certain age, I love old Cadillacs, since when I was growing up there was no other choice when looking for a luxury car.

Back to the Country Cruize In. Name just about any old car and you could find it at this great show. Here are a few pics of great old cars and one oddity........

Clockwise from top left.......1934 Chrysler Airflow, 1953 Buick,
1956 Plymouth, 1957 Ford Sunliner and finally another great old Caddy, a 1958 Fleetwood  -  check out that chrome!

And now for that oddity or piece of junk........

I believe this was listed as a 1948 Chev and to be kind one might refer to it as an "art car". Someone cleaned out their garage and put all the stuff on this poor old thing. Oh well, different strokes.

All these pics just go to show you that the Fleetwood Country Cruize In has something for every taste (yes, there were also some Ferrari's) and well worth a spot on your 2013 car guy calendar.

Until next time........

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