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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5: Fleetwood Country Cruize In, Part 1

Money is a wonderful thing to have. On the outskirts of London, Ontario, a wealthy collector annually runs one of the best organized and best attended old car shows that I've seen. While Cadillac collector (hence "Fleetwood" Country Cruize In) Steve Plunkett raises tons of money for charity, he puts on a show for all ages. His estate is beautiful and the perfect venue for the cars, the exhibits and the classic groups like the Paul Revere and the Raiders or Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons who play on Friday and Saturday night.

How great is a show when the very first car one sees is this........

.........the Green Lantern's custom Imperial movie car and then this.........

......'61 Impala Super Sports  -  rare and beautiful. In university, I had a tan '61 Impala convertible, but even back then it was not in this incredible shape. Speaking of the venue, here are a couple of pics of the main house/grounds.......

What a lovely setting. And where else would you see an Amphicar exhibit like this?

A pond with about half a dozen of these funny little convertibles offering rides to show goers with a backdrop of three '59 Cadillac Eldorado's.

This pic of a '57 T-Bird shows you the quality of the cars (at least most of them - more about this on Friday) and the extent of the grounds, which includes a small golf course.

Ah, money is a wonderful thing to have. By the way, special thanks to my good and longtime friend, Glen. As soon as I took my first pic, my battery ran out, so Glen came to the rescue and took all these great shots.

More about this show in Friday's blog.

Until next time........

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