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Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29: The Car Modeling Cat's Story

If you've been reading my blog for more than a couple of weeks, you know that I build model cars and that I have a willing helper in the Car Modeling Cat (the CMC). I blogged the pic above last year in one of my model making posts. You can see that she gets right into it and is more than just a pretty face. A few of you have asked about her, so here is her story (just what you need to tide you over the Canada Day long weekend)...........

It was a dark and rainy night (really) when the headlights on my wife Barbara's car flashed across this pathetic little kitten, trying in vain to get shelter under a neighbour's front tree. The little thing was crying and as soon as Barbara got out of her car, it ran to her, crying all the way and followed her to our back door. Now, we had two other cats at the time, so bringing this wet little creature inside was not going to happen. Barbara fed the little kitten and it happily found a temporary home in our back shed, only coming out for food. This went on for a couple of days.

CMC looks over reference photos for our next model

Barbara's heart went out to this little kitten. She had our vet check her over. No chip or owner id. We posted notices all over the neighbourhood asking if anyone had lost a little tabby. No response. So after a couple of weeks, Barbara brought her inside our home and cautiously, little by little introduced her to our other two cats. Success. We christened this new little girl cat and she became a loved part of our feline family.

CMC checks out some previous builds

On becoming the CMC.......no matter where she is sleeping (and cats are always sleeping), when I open the door to my basement Car Room, within seconds she is vocally coming down to join me. Purring as she jumps into my lap, ready to assist with the next model build. Great to have her company and her help. Sometimes she just wanders around crying for me to go to the Car Room, so that we can get started.

What a great cat!

Until next time........

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