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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26: Funny Car Fever

Comin' at ya! I love Funny Cars, not "funny cars". The difference is the former are those 8000 (eight thousand!) horse power monsters that can run the quarter mile (actually 1000 feet) in about 4 seconds at over 300 mph. Impressive.

Now here is my story.........

........this good guy is my nephew Adam. He and his sister have a lot of things, so each year for Christmas my wife and I give them a gift of an experience. For his sister, it's musicals or the ballet, but for Adam and I it's something car related. Last year we went to a monster truck show and this year it was to be the Canadian Nitro Nationals (unquestionably a pretenious name), June 23rd at Toronto Motorsports Park, south of Hamilton. This is a famous old track, better known by its original name, Cayuga, since it is in Cayuga, Ontario (makes sense). The weather was great and your blogger, who has been following Funny Car racing since the '60's, was as excited as young Adam.

The night's menu had four Funny Cars from the US with some very well known drivers  -  Jack Wyatt, Dale Creasy Jr (saw his dad race in the early '70's), Cruz Pedregon, Tony Pedregon. The latter two brothers have both won the NHRA Funny Car championship, not an easy feat. There were also two Top Fuel cars, alcohol funny cars, Pro Mods, jet cars and an assortment of other cars.

This is one of the teams working on their car before the races. The neat thing about drag racing is that you can actually get right up close to the car/team/driver in the pits. Noisy, smelly  - wonderful!

This is the trailer of three time IHRA Funny Car champion, Rob Atchison from London, Ontario.

I like to take first timers to the drags, since I love to see their reaction to the fury of a nitro car  -  "shock and awe". I once read them being described as "sounding like a war" which is quite appropriate. I believe Adam called them "insane"  -  pretty good description. Those 8000 HP nitro burning monsters are an assault to your hearing, your body and your nose. And this is probably the only time you can see a nitro Funny Car run in Canada during the year.

The jet cars are like a side show, but have great visuals.......

All in all, it was a very good night of uncle/nephew bonding with the back drop of "Barry's fantasy evening" (not what you'd think, eh?).

Until next time........


  1. 8000 horsepower? That *is* insane. I had no idea. I thought those cars topped out at around 1500.

  2. It's good for you nephew to be exposed in cars at a young age. He will have more knowledge about cars as he grows. An 8000 horsepower for a car sounds beastly. These cars can literally stomp the ground. It's known to be a violent car because its shockwaves blast you in the chest and hurts your eardrum. Though it can be quite entertaining to watch.

    Ashely Redden @Infinti of Ann Arbo

  3. Anyone, even the non car enthusiasts, will definitely get entertained by this car show. It's not everyday that you see super fast cars passing by. This Funny Car must be something that fans look forward to every year.

    Arlyne Nelms @Spartan Toyota