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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept 14: Chinese Cars Are Coming

Here is the new and very bright yellow "Book of Songs". No seriously, the Book of Songs is actually the name of this uniquely styled Chinese car. Yes, "uniquely" is one way of describing this design. Just another one of the fun cars coming out of China.

Chinese cars are coming whether you like it or not. And really what's not to like. Sure there will be some stumbles along the way, remember how Hyundai started out with crap like the Pony? But look at their product line now, great quality and designs to die for. But the start ups are always interesting, so let's walk thru some recent Chinese cars to see what we might expect.........

Since copyright laws in China are almost nonexistent, there are several cars that resemble their western counterparts. This remind you of a Rolls-Royce just a little tiny bit or a whole lot?

Or how about these very complimentary BMW knock offs, right down to the logo?

Some clever names currently in use are......the Beauty Leopard, the EQ724OBP, the Detroit Fish and for you mercenaries out there the
Crazy Soldier.

BMW actually threatened to sue over this X5 inspired design, when the Chinese company indicated that they would be selling it in Europe.

This Geely GT is unusual and rather scary, but the design is a step in the right direction

Just plain strange, but all designs have to start somewhere. Now back to some other arresting car names.....
.....the King Kong, the Eastar and my personal favorite, the PU Rural Nanny. Love that name and can you imagine how impressed your friends would be when you told them that you drove a PU Rural Nanny? I can hardly wait.

Now this last pic is another favorite of mine. The car's design is typical of current small cars and not bad looking, but the artistic way it is presented has made me a big fan.......

You gotta love it!

It won't be too long before we see the first Chinese cars on our shores. Let's hope there is some fun before they get to the really good stuff.

Until next time........

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  1. The last time I read up on Chinese cars, it was about the terrible engineering and even worse safety - despite their resemblance to some North American and European models.

    I imagine that's being worked on, as well as the original designs.

    They could also use some branding help, in my opinion. Those names probably wouldn't float here.