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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sept 18: Dodge Magnum Memories

The Dodge Magnum was a very neat ride, gone but not forgotten, but there is another reason for writing this blog today (more about that later).
Original Magnum wagon

Dodge was very gutsy when they first introduced their Magnum wagon in the mid 2000's. They had dropped the Intrepid sedan and replaced it with a station wagon of all things. I say this, since in North America, wagons had long been out of favour and been replaced with either mini-vans or suv's. So Dodge was gutsy. But check out that design  -  it looks like a customized car with its big wheels and chopped top. I mean, if you are going to do a wagon, it doesn't get much better than this.

I can't remember a car that was so personalized by it's owners. Check these out......

They never sold tons of these Magnums, but sales were steady and there was enough interest so that ever since they were discontinued a few years back, there have been constant requests to bring it back. 

Personlized every which way from the addition of aftermarket rims, to two tones, to scissor doors (why their appeal, I've never figured out). Recently Dodge said not to give up hope, that we may see yet another Dodge Magnum on the show circuit in the near future. Stay tuned.

So why do this blog today? Recently a friend emailed me saying that due to their growing family, he was considering a used Magnum. He liked cars and this was going to be his way to get extra space and still have a cool car. This friend also had done a very good food blog since 2009, so that when I started Wheel to Wheel in February, 2011, he mentored me. Told me the do's and don't's. Gave me pointers and almost always commented on each blog (see Sept 14's edition). Today, he would have told me why the font size changed in mid blog and then changed back. Occasionally, he emailed me a pic of a cool car that he had seen around town and we would discuss its finer points. Sadly, Dan Saraga passed away very suddenly and unexpectably last Friday evening at a way too young age of 37. We were shocked.

Dan, this blog is for you. I hope you enjoy the Magnum pics and think about what you could have done to personalize yours. God speed, good buddy.

Until next time.......

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