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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 28: Jag F-type = XKE?

This was the "it" car. The automobile that left every other car behind when it was first shown. The car that even today draws admiring looks when some lucky guy drives by in one. This car was the original Jaguar XKE introduced in 1960  -  unlike anything else on the road at that time. Featured in songs and on album covers. If your puritanical parents wouldn't let you put a girlie pin-up on your wall, they had no problems with an XKE pic. Little did they know, it probably illicited the same hormonal response. Sex on wheels. And it could also back it up on the track, like a gorgeous girl who could cook!

Today a lot of folks are wondering if now Jaguar is ready to relive their glory years with this stunning new model........

Just unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the F-type mirrors the many teaser concepts that have been shown over the past few years. This is a significant car. When Jaguar was taken over by the giant Indian car maker Tata, many feared that this would spell the end of a famous, yet troubled marque. Nobody would question Tata's resources, but where was their history  -  crappy cars and big trucks? Well surprise, surprise.

Since the XKE, Jaguar has had a number of "sports cars", but they were really just grand touring machines. Nothing wrong with that, but they sure couldn't compete on the track with something like a Porsche or a Corvette. An SL or a 6 series for sure, but they were nothing like the original XKE, which added to an already strong Jaguar racing history. Hopefully this new aluminum F-type will change that. Sized like a Boxster, but with big power from a 355 horsepower V6 to a 495 HP V8. And looks to die for or at least lust after. Sex on wheels?

And just in case this wasn't good enough, it's no secret that just down the road Jag will throw a coupe version into the mix. Porsche Cayman competition?

Pricing? Not sure, but if it's competition is the Boxster and Corvette, then you could expect pricing from around $70k Canadian and up to maybe $90k for the V8.

Time to start saving or at least get a poster for those adolescent bedroom walls?

Until next time..........

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