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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept 4: Art Cars - a question of taste?

Many years ago, I used to own an art gallery and people often used the cliche, "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like." Fair enough, but this brings us to the infamous art cars. Back in the '80's if you had mentioned an art car, I'd immediately have thought of a BMW, such as this M1........

BMW commissioned several well know artists to paint a few of their cars. I believe they were usually racing versions, but I'm a little fuzzy on that particular point. Whether you liked them or not, they had a certain style. Time goes by and things change.........

This is what passes these days for an "art car". Somebody's warped dream of a very, very individually styled car. I use the word "styled" loosely. Bits and pieces get added on over time and the end result is something like this, although a real art car is constantly evolving or whatever you'd call it.

Is nothing safe from this madness?

Shouldn't this Miata be cruising the countryside with it's shiny paint glimmering in the sun? Maybe not. I usually expect an old heap to be transformed, like this Ford wagon.......

Give the old family truckster a new lease on life (or embarass it completely). Nothing is sacred........

See, even old hearses are abused in this fashion. Note the pink flamingos that have gone missing from someone's lawn.

All this goes back to my original comment, "I don't know much about art......."  -  well, that goes without saying. The question is, should one make an art car or simply hold a garage sale. Any thoughts?

Until next time..........


  1. Thanks for the post about artcars and including a picture of That Car #1, my first artcar. (the Miata)..... An artcar takes a fun drive and makes it better. Fellow drivers smile and wave, take pictures, stangers on the street talk to one aonther about it.....an artcar takes the mundane act of commuting and makes it an event. besides, a shiny new paintjob is bound to get dinged. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatcar/7587411202/in/photostream

  2. I own 5 art cars 4 of which make bubbles and are a part of my business. www.bubbletruck.com.
    Driving an art car is fun and I get a lot of people that take pictures, smile, wave and give me the thumbs up. My only rgeret is that I did not do it sooner.

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  4. This is what you call the madness of art. It was brilliantly designed with love and passion. You will certainly be the center of attraction once you hit those cars on the road! Well, others may look at it as over the top, but the cars look awesome to me. :)

  5. For me, it's not a question of taste. Each one of us depicts different preferences. There are some whom we share similar tastes with and there are others who like different things. These customized cars are made out of an individual's creative mind. It's what they want, so they're free to do it.

    Todd Valiente @ Guanella Auto Body