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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov 13: New "chick car" - why?

Dodge La Femme......a car made just for madam. Now this was an idea that might have only worked in the '50's and it didn't work then based on the sales. What bright bean came up with the idea that women would like a pink car marketed specifically to them? An idea whose time never came. Thankfully we won't have dumb ideas like this anymore.

But wait, what's this.........

Oh no, could it be that someone is doing a new La Femme? Surely not in this day and age? Aren't we supposed to be much more enlightened than this? Well, obviously Honda thinks it is on to something that the rest of us have thought was well in the past.

Behold the new Honda Fit She's. Catchy name?

Yikes, isn't this exactly what Dodge failed at in the 1950's, almost 60 long years ago? And now Honda has brought it back to fulfill a need? Not sure if it includes the pink umbrella and cosmetic case that came with the La Femme. In keeping with the times maybe a pink Smartphone, but if it were really keeping with the times, why would it exist at all?

In my opinion, there is some good news here and that is that the She's is only being sold in Japan at this time. If you think this is a really good idea, then get some pink note paper and send a pleading letter to Honda Canada. Then the guys can ask for a companion model, "He's", in powder blue with a matching football or hockey puck, your choice. Just an idea, but don't blame me if it actually happens.

Until next time......

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