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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nov 16: Four door dream - Maserati Quattroporte

Just look at this thing.........

.......or how about this view........

The other day, I asked an associate of mine in our office, what car would he pick if he could only have one? I'm asked this all the time, since I sell all makes/models and because I love cars. Being somewhat practical (ha!), I try to pick a car that would suit my current lifestyle, so my choice is the Mercedes CLS 63 - great looks, huge power. Well, in a "Petraeus moment", meaning I might have to cheat on my longtime automobile love, there is another car that tugs at my heart.

The pics above are of the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte. Just a gorgeous and senuous bending of metal. I've always liked most versions of this car, going way back to the first one that I ever saw way back in 1970, outside of Portland, Maine of all places. Even remember that it was deep wine.

For its time, the lines were beautifully simple and even delicate. A rare beauty. Maserati followed this first four door a few years later with a rather bulbous version, that in the context of the '80's wasn't a bad looking car. And like all Italian super luxury cars, it had an interior to die for........

Current Quattroporte interior
I had an art gallery in the '80's and the store owner next to me, sold his Lincoln to get a Quattroporte like this black one. His was silver and usually being repaired.

The current version is once again a beauty........

Snow White. You can be my princess anytime. Since Ferrari has been behind Maserati, their products are now up to date and reliable. What a great combo!

So back to the question of which car would I drive? Which car would you drive?

Until next time.......

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