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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16: Nitro Nationals

Ridiculous but fun to watch. Sort of like the description of a mouse fighting an elephant. In this case, this is the Shockwave Jet truck. Simply put, it is a Freightliner tractor with three, count 'em, three, jet engines strapped to the back. Thrust equivalent to a mighty 36,000 HP  -  now that is real get up and go power. Why do it? Now you ought to know that if you have to ask that question, you just don't get it. Shock and awe, baby, that's what it is all about. And this thing puts on a SHOW.

Let's step back a bit. The Canadian Nitro Nationals were held at Cayuga Dragway this past weekend, so this was my annual pilgrimage to the smell of nitro and the shock of 8000 HP Funny Cars. The Shockwave was an exhibition piece to punctuate each session with some fire and smoke. This year's event was a family affair as I took two nephews and was also joined by my brother.

Here is yours truly with nephew Adam, sports fan extraordinaire, in front of Shockwave. As I said ridiculous but fun. The real show was centred around the nitro cars. "Nitro Nationals" is a bit presumptuous, but as far as I know this is the only time/place in Canada where nitro cars run, so let them call it what they want.

There were four nitro funny cars, headlined by Canada's only car in this category, Todd Lesenko's CN sponsored Charger (out of Edmonton)  -  8000 HP of nitro fueled fury. When these things start, they sound like a war. As they accelerate, the wave of power goes right thru you, so plugging your ears can only do so much. Love it!

Todd had two funnies at Cayuga, his old Fountain Tire car and his new one. Also running were two top fuelers, the best known being the Paton Family Racing car.........

I've followed Barry Paton and his team for almost 40 years, since they are originally from Nova Scotia and maritimers support their own. Progressing from funny cars to this nitro car, it has been interesting to watch the Paton family's progress over the years.

This event also featured alcohol funny cars, pro modifieds, nostalgia funny cars and another jet car, the Terminator, so it was a full and very fun family evening for hearing damaged race fans. But the Shockwave was a hoot and worth another closer look..........

Until next time.........

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