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Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5: Corvette - you sure don't look 50!

Of course you don't look 50, since you are now officially over 60, but how you've retained your curves! Look at that sensuous grille opening, the "come play with me" look in the headlights, the full hips and that very tight rear end (take a cold shower, Barry). Every 60 year old should look so good. You sure have matured over the years, so that the older you've become, the better you've become. Now at 60+ you are in the best shape you've ever been.

You didn't start out that way did you, ol' girl? Remember way back in 1953........
Not a bad looking baby, but you had nothing to back up those faux European looks. A weak kneed 6 cylinder was all you were born with. Not exactly an ugly duckling, but a bit of a laughing stock. But things would change for you very shortly. Remember in 1956, your parents finally gave you the power to play and got rid of your baby fat? Even as a child, you began to get respect, but boy you had to earn it.

Let's look at some of the changes people tried to impose on you as you grew.........

George Barris' Asteroid Vette. Did you deserve pink? Well maybe not, but those side pipes gave you an extra dose of aggression. Then how about having you compete with a sexy movie star.......

They even made a scale model of this misbegotten car, but no scale Farrah Fawcett unfortunately. But how about really ugly? And how about really ugly on the big screen?

Terrible movie, but what they did to you was even worse. Blind people with no taste should never be allowed to redesign an icon or anything else for that matter. What a disaster and all the time, you were just trying for a little respect.

But as time went on, you got better, much better. People really began to notice and appreciate you as you established yourself on the world stage. No longer a bloated American girl with no brains to back up your good looks. Unsual though, what you inspired..........

Pininfarina's Rondine Corvette
Or this ZR1 inspired monster, the ZR48.........

Ever wonder where folks get their ideas? At least out baby is getting the respect she deserves after all these long years. Not just a pretty face anymore are you? A real contender for beauty and brawn.

You've got the great looks of a amazing 60 year old, but everyone knows you can back up those sexy looks with skill, daring and ability. They even put one of your dates' names on you to commemorate your on track exploits, the Ron Fellows edition above. You wore your subtle markings with pride.

You were an ok looking baby, but boy look at you now. Happy 61st, ol' girl. You are still one of my all time favorites.

Until next time.........

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