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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2: BMW - the mystery solved

 I've wondered in an earlier blog about how the BMW design studios could come up with the sad looking, humped back GT and then drop the gorgeous 6 series on us. I called it the Jekyll and Hyde effect. Now it looks like they've done it again..........

This is the absolutely stunning Gran Lusso Coupe concept that was recently unveiled at the 2013 Villa d'Este Concours in Italy. Appropriate site, since the Italians appreciate beautiful designs and have probably done more than their share of "look at me twice" designs. Wonder how BMW could do this stunner and also accept responsibility for the 5 series GT? Take another look........

No question this is a great design. But who is responsible? Well, it ain't BMW, no way, Jose'. The Gran Lusso came from the famous Pininfarina studios. You know those guys, since they have had their name on the majority of Ferrari designs. No surprise, that someone other than BMW would be behind the Gran Lusso.

So what is it and why? For years Mercedes has thumped BMW at the top end with their S sedans, SL sports cars and CL coupes, such as this one........

BMW hasn't had an answer to this tough competitor since the old, long gone 8 series, but with this 7 series based, V12 powered concept, maybe here is the question and the answer. No shaggy dog look to this baby. Just pure beauty and good enough looking to finally challenge Benz at the game that they do so well.

BMW the ball is in your court. Forget about ego. Pay Pininfarina and make this beaut real. You want to beat Benz at their game? This could be your first point.

Until next time.........

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