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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 17: Opel dreams?

What a cute little car. But what is it?

If you live in North America this may be the closest you'll ever get to seeing the Opel Adam. The what? Well, it seems like every "with it" car company has to have a cutie in their line up. Think of the Scion IQ, the smart car, the Fiat 500, the Mini. Adam Opel founded his car company years ago, so why not call their new car the Adam. Opel Adam. Get it? Cute name for a cute car.

So why are we talking about a Opel that to us is nothing more than a dream? Well, if you are any sort of a car person, you'll know that GM's Buick division is currently made up of several Opel products (Saturn used to be the beneficiary). Just a tweak of the grille and a new name. Voila a new Buick. So extending that knowledge to the Opel Adam, might we see it selling in North America as a Buick something? Quick, think of catchy name.

Some others to drool over are these new Frankfurt Auto Show intro's that would fit right into Buick's line up. Think of the Audi Allroad when you look at this Insignia Country Tourer........

Based on the Regal that we sell here, this AWD model for those who don't want an suv, could be a natural. One caveat? How many Audi Allroad's do you see on our streets? Unfortunately not a whole lot. Europe? Now, there is another case entirely.

But how about this hot rod wagon based on the same Insignia?

This ride packs 325 HP. A real beast, that also has a car version, that we are far more likely to see in Buick showrooms than this wagon. I've mentioned this before, but why is it that you either have to be very thrifty (think Golf) or well off (think Benz/BMW/Audi/Volvo) to buy a wagon on our side of the Atlantic? Could this car give the BMW 328 Sports Wagon some competition? Yeah, sure Barry, that means Buick should bring in about a dozen and go wild.

Ok, so these are cars that we have a slight chance of seeing. One more that might stand a better chance is this concept, also shown last week at Frankfurt. Based on a real car, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Buick could import it in an attempt to lasso the younger crowd.......

Surely there are few folks who aspire to an A5, but lack the coin, who would sign up for this Monza (now there's an old name) in a hurry.

Opel dreams? I bet that as I write this blog, there are folks in GM's Detroit headquarters, who are trying to make a case for at least a couple of these Opels. As I said, change the grille, the name and make a couple of other minor tweaks and you could have Buick gold.

What about about it GM, am I right?

Until next time.......

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