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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 24: A car/truck, a model and a cat

The "old days" were almost as interesting as today in the types of cars/trucks that found their way down the production line. Actually, no matter how nostalgic one gets, nothing can beat what we have available to us today. Anyway, enough about that, let's look at today's blog topic........the El Camino, or at least one particular El Camino, the 1966 Chevelle version.

El what? El Camino, my friends. Basically a two door station wagon with the back roof removed, so that it became a pick-up truck (pick-up car?). So in essence a car based pick-up truck. Great idea? Good question. They haven't made them for about 25 years, so you figure it out.

Today's topic is the 1966 Chevrolet El Camino. It came in a variety of trim levels matching what was offered in the Chevelle car line. What was interesting, was that you could also select any engine offered in the Chevelle line for your car based El Camino. Any engine meant anything from a weak little six cylinder to the 375 HP 396 cubic inch monster. With such a light back end, this last version would be a rear tire melter.

Not much of a car, not much of a truck, but a rather stylish answer for anyone needing to carry light loads and not wanting/needing a big truck for the job. No 4x4 available here.

Showing an interest in all things "car", the CMC (Car Modeling Cat) and I have just finished our version of this almost 50 year old hauler.........

Always a willing helper, my little CMC, checks out the finished version and makes sure that there are no errant cat hairs marring its finish (always a tough and necessary job).

The Oldsmobile Super Stock wheels add a mild custom touch, giving this little trucklet a bit tougher vibe. Hey, this is no Ford Raptor, but I work with what I've got. As you can see by the designation on the front fender, our version has the 396 big block.

Pretty good blog today.......I got to talk a little car history, show a car model and mention my cat. The big three? Better not let Barbara read this.

Until next time........

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