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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sept 27: Love might be blind

In my youth I had a '76 Corvette like the one in these pics. Bought new, I thought it was a great car, of course in retrospect it wasn't, but time gives objectivity to most things (most times). But the design is quite nice, powerful looking (it wasn't) and sleek (it was).

What if you were a person of discerning taste and wanted something a little different. Something that might stand out from the crowd at the local drive-in restaurant or the country club. Something that showed that you were a cut above the common crowd. Something that might scare young children or cause grown men to retch uncontrollably. I know exactly the something that you want, you need, presenting the one and hopefully only, Caballista........

. Not content with the status quo, you are, according to the Caballista ads, "today's discerning driver". So now you know exactly who and what you are or in this case, were.

The Caballista is a product of the Dunham Motor Coach Company, which in the late '70's built 50 versions of this, as they say, neo-classic. Based on a innocent Corvette, which sacrificed itself, so that a discerning driver could stand out from the masses and in my opinion, not in a good way. But, as you know from my previous blogs, it takes all kinds.

Dunham Motor Coach has been around since 1957 and is responsible for many cars of questionable taste, but they certainly have always stood out. Show stoppers like this Superfly Corvette......

A copy of a Cadillac Eldorado, but again on a Vette platform. I'm sure that with all this added fiberglas, these cars were less than a joy to drive. And with the under powered motors of their time, they were definitely cruisers in the low and slow style.

What's that you say, you think that these are the epitome of grand style and good taste and you wish that someone was producing gems like this today? Relax and rejoice, for the Dunham Motor Coach Company is still active and has announced that they are dusting off those old molds. Yeah!

Makes me want to cry.

Until next time........

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