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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 3: Time for a change?

Up until what seems like a few days ago, this leather wrapped sofa, all cushy and soft, described most, if not all Lexus cars. No aspirations to be a BMW or even a Benz, Lexus just wanted to be a very high end Buick (or what Buick used to be). Then about three years ago, they came out with this very low production missile, the LFA........

Mean and very expensive, think in the multi hundred thousands and you'd be about right. Exclusive? How about 500 worldwide with 150 coming to North America. Not wanting the speculators to be involved, Lexus initially only allowed them to be leased, with the agreement that they would be returned to Lexus at lease end.

What's up, when a company building mobile sofas turns out a legitimate super car? Future plans, perhaps? Now we know now exactly what Lexus was up to with the LFA. They no longer wanted to be the Japanese ultra luxury Buick, they wanted some respect and they wanted some of the BMW market. Well, these sort of major mindset changes take time, lots of time.

This LF Hybrid was their next step. A toned down and much less expensive "halo" sports car, that Lexus could sell with pride and stack it up against any of the German brands. Supposedly a precursor of a production model, it has yet to see production. But across the Lexus line the cars are getting edgier and the F Sport designation gives them some street cred. But still a long way to go.

Their next step was shown last week in Tokyo, the RC.......

This hot looking model is basically a GS made into a coupe. Something to compete with BMW's 6 series or Mercedes E coupe? This car certainly looks the part.

Imagine though that for over 20 years, you have been thought of one way and now you want to change your brand? This is a heck of a job and might it be rather risky? After all you've been very successful with what you've been doing so far. Are they afraid that the luxury market is headed in a direction that is opposite to what Lexus has been doing from the beginning? Good question.

But take another look at the GS coupe concept........

To my mind, it sure looks like a game changer. Can Lexus pull off this major rebranding? You know the Japanese and you know Toyota/Lexus, so only a fool would bet against them.

Stay tuned.

Until next time........

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