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Friday, December 13, 2013

Dec 13: Four shades of black!

This is the new for 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550. Great car and in my opinion, great looking. Did you know that it comes in four shades of black? Two whites? Three silvers? Talk about choice and talk about dull colours. I'm of an age, where I can remember growing up with cars that only came in one shade of black. Yes, we did feel quite deprived, as you can well imagine. But being Friday the 13th, this is your lucky day, because I'm going to take you on a short walk thru yesterday to see how things used to be.........

Way back in 1958, this was the colour palette for the Ford Company car lines. Sure the colours were super bright, but also look at the different two tone combos. In 1957, there was also the availability of having three colours on a car. Can't you just picture that 2014 S550 in orange with a white top? Read the fine print from this poster  -  there is only one shade of black, although it may be named differently from line to line. But what a great selection to chose from, no chance of three silvers or four blacks in this line up.

This was the flamboyant '50's and if you are of a younger generation, this poster will probably make you shudder or just plain laugh or ridicule. So as we move along, how did things change in the '70's?

This colour chart is for Chevrolet cars in 1974. Toned down slightly, but still with enough choice of a wide variety of shades and only one black! Again, can you picture that S550 in yellow or orange? By the way, I don't mean to pick on Mercedes, since the 2014 BMW Gran Coupe also comes in four blacks. Must be a luxury thing. I'd like to see a very high brow shade called the "Conrad Black" (flinty with an undertone of larceny?), but I digress.

Cars were not alone in providing lots of creative colour choices for their prospective customers, as you can see from this Chevrolet truck colour palette......

I can't read the fine print, but a betting man would be safe to assume, that there would only be one shade of black on this chart as well. I wish I could use photo shop to see what that S550 or the Gran Coupe would look like in those wild and crazy shades. Probably, we are better off with four backs or three silvers.

One more pic to stoke your imagination and think how this combo would fit in today's market place.......

Inside and out, just think of the possibilities!

Until next time........

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