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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 17: A new Pontiac?

The CMC at work
What up with that? A new Pontiac you say? But how could that be possible, since this brand was discontinued during the great blood letting of 2008? Well, when you build model cars, anything is possible and the CMC (Car Modeling Cat), has been very busy. The little furball and I have just finished building a 1962 Pontiac Catalina two door. One of my favorite cars from one of my favorite years, so for us, this is a new Pontiac.......

If you look closely at the inside, you'll see a four-on-the-floor, from the good old days when manual transmissions only came in four speeds. You can also see that this model has the "used to be famous" Pontiac eight lug wheels, which were also part of the brake assembly. Any Pontiac worth looking at from that era, had these optional wheels added. This was the era when any model in the line up could be equipped with any option. You didn't need to move up to a higher level to get these wheels or a bigger motor or whatever.

Of course, this was also a time when a single model sold hundreds of thousands of cars  -  no Japanese or Korean or European makes to water down a brand's North American sales. Great for the manufacturer, not so great for the consumer. The good ol' days, really weren't.

But I grew up during this time, so some of my favorite modelling subjects are cars from that era, equipped the way I'd order it myself, if I had been able to drive and if I had the money. The CMC just plain enjoys working with me on whatever I'm building. What a cat, what a friend.

Until next time.......

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