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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec 20: Santa's new sleigh

Let's have no more of those traditional Santa Claus pictures of him in that creaky old sleigh from the 1800's. Sure, it's a beauty, but let's be realistic. Obviously any old dude, who lives with and supports a bunch of toy making elves, must have money to burn. Now from my experience, any client of mine in this situation would not be driving an old heap from many years past. Sure it would be brought out for the odd occasion (maybe a pre-Christmas fly by?), but to trust it to go around the world stopping everywhere? Surely the old model just wouldn't do. Any ideas, he asks optimistically?

Sometimes, I think that I'm not the most imaginative of people, but several of the car manufacturers have given this a lot of thought. One of the most pressing questions of the day? Well, maybe. Let's take a look at what they've come up with for ol' St. Nick..........

Yep, Santa must be very well off. A classy old gent like him, but with a very tight schedule, would need something traditional and fast! The answer of course, is his new sleigh envisioned by Bentley. Ostentatious? Sure, maybe it is, but aren't the little kids supposed to be in bed when he arrives? And do they really know a Bentley from Honda anyway?

Ok, so let's throttle back his new sleigh somewhat and go for rock solid reliability, but still keeping a classy chassis with lots of speed........

Nothing like a Mercedes-Benz and a wagon to boot. Great choice, Santa. More room for those pesky reindeer and who needs Rudolph's red nose, when those Xenon lights are shining so bright tonight (if he finally turns them on).

Ok, ok, Santa has no pretensions and is happy with something simpler (I doubt it, but I'm here to cover all bases). How about one of Henry's cars, like this Ford........

Might need a little work done on the motor to boost the much needed power, but with his money, no problem.It's a Ford, so if necessary, get it fixed in any country in which he stops.

I know, some of you are saying that a well off Father Christmas, would opt for a completely custom built ride. So maybe this would suit the old gent........

Add some slight modifications to allow for millions of gifts and this would be one unique Christmas Eve ride. Worth staying up for, boys and girls.

Any of these choices are worth consideration. After all this is the 21st century, so shouldn't we be revamping tradition to suit our thoroughly modern ways? And being realists, don't we know that his old sled just couldn't do all that's expected of the ol' girl in one wildly busy night. Give it a rest, put it in a museum and
update Santa's ride in a very fitting way. Something to think about over the holidays.

To all my blog readers, a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Or maybe just a happy holiday season. Either way, all the best.

I'm taking, what I believe is a well deserved rest and some r & r in the sun, back with you on January 7th.

Until next time.........

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