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Friday, January 17, 2014

African dream machine?

The old Peugeot 504 from the early '70's. Nice medium sized wagon. But what makes it so special and endearing to folks in certain parts of the world?

Is this old girl so tough that it just can't be broken down, while going about its business in some of the toughest terrain around? "Indefatigable" is a word I saw the Toronto Star use recently to describe the 504. Can't remember if this model was ever sold in Canada, but you never see one these days.

Now let's take a short trip to Africa to show some of the classic everyday uses of this revered vehicular beast of burden..........

Not quite in pristine condition, but getting the job done, whatever job that is. See a car like this over here and you are probably walking thru a junk yard. See this in Africa and it's probably being advertised as a lightly used older model. Still plenty of life remaining!

Let's face it, the Peugeot 504 is a good size for carrying all sorts of things and a few friends. But there comes a time, when the extended family can't all find seats. The solution.......

Tough on the suspension, but let's be fair, how often are you going to do this anyway? Going to be fun tackling that hill in the distance, but even more fun coming down the other side. Something to chuckle over at the dinner table.

After a few years on the road, the owner can get rid of any superfluous and unnecessary details like the headlights. And let's be honest, who needs to go out after dark at our age?

Talk about tough? When was the last time any of us on this side of the Atlantic saw a wagon or an suv loaded up quite this much......

Imaginative and resourceful? Absolutely and cheaper than a moving van. The old 504 keeps on trucking along, no matter how extreme the efforts to kill it are. Just go easy on those fast corners, as French cars tend to have a bit softer suspension.

Loaded to over flowing and getting the job done. What the heck is it about those old Peugeots? I haven't seen any other old car being beaten continually and still come back for more. Wonder if these things ever die or are they like the old American iron rumbling around Cuba, being held together with baling wire and tape?

Maybe Peugeot left our shores a triffle too soon?

Until next time........

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