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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Civic pride?

Here we see the sun setting on another terrific sales years for the beloved Honda Civic. Once again this trusty little steed has led the Canadian car market in sales -  for the 16th consecutive year! Is the Civic this good? Well, it is pretty good and it certainly deserves its accolades. But let's take a look at those Civic sales. In our country people bought about 66 thousand Civics. Very impressive. Want to know what is even more impressive?

Let me present to you the 2013 Ford F-150.............

So why do I bring this truck to your attention? Why because as impressive as the Civic's sales are, the F-150's sales absolutely obliterate it. How about almost double the little Civic's? We are talking about 120,000 (that's thousand) units. Almost 50k more than the next best selling truck and about 40k units more than the Chev and GMC trucks combined. Now, folks, that is very impressive. Sure the Civic has big numbers, but it ain't nothing compared to the Ford family truckster.

And it all started with this humble version from around 1950.......

A replacement for the covered wagon? Who would have thought, that this old work truck would have evolved into a urban family hauler, while still retaining all the capabilities of a construction site and farm favorite? Hard to believe?

What's the most famous F-150? I was trying to figure this out and what should come to mind, but.......

Bigfoot! The original and still the most well known of these ridiculous contraptions. Is there another more well known F-150? If so, I sure can't think of it.

The F-150. Who would have thought that this plain Jane ol' girl would have evolved into a leather swathed version with all the attributes (and pricing) of a very high end luxury car? A truck for everyone and probably one of the reasons for those grrrrrreat (apologies to Tony the tiger) sales figures.

Even the off road hot rodder can find something in the F-150 line up on which to empty their wallet. How about this wild Raptor.......

Yes, sir, applaud the Honda Civic for its well deserved sales figures, but light a few candles on the altar of sales success out of respect for that perennial favorite, the Ford F-150.

Let us now bow our heads.

Until next time...........

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