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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strange but true!

Ever been alone with your thoughts and ideas? Ever decided to put them on paper? Ever had the $ and capability to actually make them come true? Ever designed a car while on drugs? These are important questions to consider when reading today's blog.

Let start with the result of someone stepping outside of their level of ability........

You can see the name of this beast and to get an idea of its size, check out the dude in the back seat. Yes sir, this thing is a monster, a bit like Frankenstein. Who designed it? Get this, a plastic surgeon in L.A.. Do you think his facial business will soar, when his clients see what he can do with metal. Price? If you have to ask.......$1.17 million. Be the envy of Beverley Hills.

Now for something a little more realistic........

The Nissan Bladeglider. A good ride for you and two of your very closest friends. Want to standout? Want to get wet when it rains? Look no further. Want to actually buy one? Better move along, as there is nothing for you here.

The Japanese have always been known for their imaginative car names, at least in their home market. How about the recent Tokyo Auto Show's Suzuki Green Feel Hustler Coupe? Thought you'd never ask.

In recent years, the definition of a coupe has taken a real beating. Do you see a "coupe" in this picture? Whatever it is, it's too bad that Suzuki has left our market, as they just might have sold a few dozen here.

Looking for a whatever with a neat name? Ok, so try this on for size, the Daihatsu FC Deco Deck........

Truck? Little rig? One half of a sport ute? Who knows, but apart from its funky name, the FC Deco Deck is a neat, but strange little puppy. you gotta love those odd ball Japanese names and vehicles.

But truthfully, who doesn't love an intimidating ride? Something to shake up the neighbourhood, when you come home after a hard day dealing drugs. I have just the ride for you free thinkers, with quite a bit of extra cash.......

The Dartz Prombron Red Diamond. Direct from Poland with all the intimidation one could possibly ask for. Want it personalized, so you'll stand out from the other three or four in the country? No problem, but the starting price is $1.71 million. Kanye West has his and her versions (you were wondering what he did with all his money?). By the way, they also sell a "Black Russian" model (no kidding). Love a company with a sense of humour.

So you have an imagination, want something quirky and you think that no one is catering to your needs? As you can see, you are sadly mistaken. All you need is questionable taste, some surplus coin and a willingness to spend it. The sky is your limit.

Until next time.......

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